How To Keep Your YouTube Channel Comment Section In Check

The YouTube gods have finally answered our prayers and have made it both possible and painless to keep your comment section clean and coherent.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know how to properly manage your brand channel and make it space that both you and your viewers can be proud of.

Choose Your Squad

The platform now allows you to add comment moderators to your channel. Invite your virtual assistant, your social media manager, or someone else you really trust to go through the comments on your videos. This is a great option if you’re too busy filming and editing your content to do this on your own. Setting up this option is painless and can be started by clicking on the Community Tab in your Creator Studio.

Customize Settings

Once you’ve chosen your mods, you obviously want to customize your settings and filters to make your job and your team’s job much easier. On the Community Settings page, you’ll be able to:

  1. Approve user comments
  2. View hidden users
  3. Censor words

You can also decide if you want your comments to be held for review until you approve them or you can disable comments altogether, but if you do, you’ll be missing out on genuine and positive feedback.

Pro Tip: If you are a small to medium sized channel with a moderate amount of traffic try out these settings:

  1. Automatic approval
  2. Block spam-related words
  3. Hide problematic users
What To Look For

While these tools are great, it’s important to make sure you’re not power-tripping over the wrong things. You can’t just delete a comment that you don’t like. Once your viewers even suspect you of doing that, they’re not to hang around.

Instead, the comments that you should flag and delete immediately are:


These comments are not only ugly and annoying, but can potentially send your viewers to sites that install viruses and malware on their devices. Please debug your comment section.

Irrelevant Comments

If a user leaves a comment that has absolutely nothing to do with your video, feel free to get rid of it.

Offensive, Inflammatory, and Inappropriate Content

Hate speech, profanity, personal attacks, etc. Anything that’s not cool with you or your brand shouldn’t be there, so get rid of it asap.




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