How To Shamelessly Promote Your Products On Social Media

Looking for new ways to generate leads and sales on social media without feeling.. salesy?

The newest features from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest, can help you put your products right in front of your audience and give your brand extended reach.

In this article, you’ll find four simple tricks to promote your products and services on the leading social media platforms.

Include Links and Mentions in Instagram Stories

Posting Instagram stories is a great way to gain visibility for your business now that feeds favor popularity over chronological order. Instagram has made it easy to include links and mentions in your stories, basically making them interactive and shoppable. When you add a link to your story, you’ll see the words “see more” at the bottom. Your viewers can then tap or swipe up and view your blog post, products, or whatever other goodies you’re showing off right inside Instagram’s in-app browser.


Mentions work the same way. Just type another Instagram user’s “@” and they will be notified via direct message. Mentions are tappable, so long as you don’t make them too big or too small, and will take your viewers to that user’s profile. This is a great way to position yourself as an industry insider and to make connections without feeling annoying or sleazy.


Link Your Online Store to Your Facebook Page

Facebook business pages have been a free and simple way to connect with your audience and promote. Now you can take it up a notch by featuring your ecommerce page directly on your Facebook page by using the StoreYa app. The WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin supports 30 ecommerce platforms including eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

Create A Pinterest Showcase

Pinterest’s newest feature acts as virtual storefront for businesses and allows you to but your hottest products on display in an easily updated rotating gallery. Setting up your showcase easy. Start the process by heading over to your page and clicking the red Add button above “Build Your Showcase”.


Get Up Close and Personal on Snapchat

If you’re a small to medium sized business, you probably don’t have the large advertising budget that well-know brands have access to. But, with Snapchat stories, it’s easy and free to promote your business in a creative and non-salesy way. When creating your story, consider how you can generate interest in your brand while reinforcing your message. How can you create a memorable experience that makes an impact on your digital viewers in real time?




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