7 Powerful Fame Hacks To Make Your Content Go Viral

Nothing feels worse than spending countless hours creating content that no one is looking at. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were surefire ways to grab the attention of your audience?

Keep reading. Here are a few tricks that are guaranteed to make your content click-worthy!

Lists, Tips, Tricks, and Hacks Posts 

Posts that include a number of your best-kept secrets will always be a favorite and won’t be dying out anytime soon. When your headline is attention-grabbing and makes a solid promise of what resolutions your reader can expect, not only will you have satisfied and loyal readers, but you’ll also be positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

Common Risks or Setbacks

People love knowing what may lie ahead on their journey to success. Headlines such as “Common Mistakes Online Store Owners Make” or “Avoid These Common Email Mistakes Professionals Make” are sure to grab attention.

Debunking Common Myths

Dispelling a widely accepted belief is another great way to grab attention and flaunt your expertise.

Go Pop

Finding a way to tie in your brand with celebrities your readers are already talking about will definitely earn you clicks and shares. Headlines like “6 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Beyonce” will always attract attention.

Piggyback On Holidays

Producing content centered around a holiday is always fun and not to mention easy because you can plan it in advance. For St. Patrick’s Day try writing something along the lines of “7 Ways To Make Your Own Luck”. For Halloween? “The Scariest Entrepreneur Horror Stories Ever”.

Get Confrontational

“Why Women Make Better Leaders” or “Why Lazy People Are The Best Employees”. Expressing an unpopular opinion or challenging a common perspective will surely spark a discussion.

Highjack The News

This is the easiest way to quickly boost your engagement. What is a major current event that your audience is talking about? How can you tie it into your brand? The only tiny downside to this method is that this type of content will lose momentum as soon as the conversation does.



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